In Analysis, a transdisciplinary review of psychoanalysis and science, is the official publication of the Association In Analysis.

The aim of the journal is to bring scholars and clinicians from different disciplines together around a common aim: explore the unconscious of the subject through interdisciplinary dialogue.

In Analysis publishes three times a year in French or in English peer-reviewed original articles, interviews, position papers and commentaries, summaries of doctoral theses, editorials on up-to-date topics, and book reviews on all topics that broaden the knowledge on the link between psychoanalysis and sciences.

This publication is intended for researchers, and all specialists in physical and mental health care.


Liviu Poenaru & Raphaël Minjard - founders.

To consolidate the positioning of psychoanalysis at the crossroads of sciences. To promote theoretical triangulation. To promote evaluation and proof specific to scientific fields. To promote the conjunction of qualitative and quantitative approaches. To ensure that the clinic remains our main anchor. To develop a critical perspective in order to avoid dogmatism and cognitive dissonance. To grasp the bi-directionality of interactions and effects between the contemporary world and the individual unconscious. To be an [in]disciplined journal.